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First container shipped to Ghana!!!

On 20th September this year, we loaded our first container with machines, tools and many other useful things and transferred it from Berlin to Hamburg, where it was shipped to Takorady/ Ghana. We will there personally receive it, unload the goods and transfer them to Kumasi.

This was another important step in the process of accomplishing our educational project Future for Youth. All the great things that you donated and that Kofi has been collecting are now on their way to Kumasi where they will be a first basis for building up our handicraft school.

This small video shows some of the efforts that were undertaken to get things on the way.

Here, for example, two old, but functioning carpentry machines are being brought to the container in Berlin.
And, again - many, many thanks to all of you who donated or who helped us by supporting us actively.


A big thanks from Kofi, and please continue to support us!

After 9.5 years, I closed down KUMASI SHOP on 20th August 2010. I want to thank all those who came to my store, who bought things, and with whom I have been chatting and laughing. Many customers later became friends.

But, as promised, KUMASI SHOP will continue to exist in future - simply visit us here on our website!

And, of course, a big thanks to all those who helped me packing, renovating and carrying things!

Thank you!

Thanks as well to all who joined us for our farewell party in July! The pictures are a nice souvenir, so we'll keep them here on our website for a while.

Now, my greatest wish is: Please also have a look at the informations about our project in Kumasi, provided here on our website. The project is not only my own future, but it is first and foremost intended to give a future to the young people of Ghana - hence its name: "Kumasi - Future for Youth". If you are interested in the project, want to participate in any way, have ideas of any kind, can make useful contacts or simply want to donate - just ask us, we're happy to get in contact with you! Just write us an e-mail or give us a call.

Many thanks.

Yours warmly, Kofi


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