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Akwaaba - Welcome to Kumasi Shop, Berlin

The shop that I opened in 2001 in Berlin was called "Kumasi". It was more than a shop where customers came to buy things. Kumasi Shop was a popular meeting place for people of different cultural, religious and philosophic views of life.

Every form of spirituality had a home here. The shop was located in an exposed position in the area of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, near Helmholtzplatz. I was proud when I saw that people were touched and impressed by my shop. Customers could spend some time here, find tranquillity and take in the beautiful art of Africa.
Because of its positive spiritual energy and ethics, my shop "Kumasi" was able to last until August 2010 when I took the decision to close it down in order to return to my home country, Ghana.

Today, several of my products are available in my online shop. If you have specific questions about certain products, or if you need personal advice, please don't hesitate to contact me.

In my online shop, you'll find African dance masks, African antique figures, glass beads in several colours, chairs including the Lazy Chair, Oware games (a traditional African game), musical instruments (including balaphones, maracas, cowbells, djembes, kpalogo drums, dudumbas, etc.).

In addition, I offer African paintings, including oil paintings from Nigeria and Ghana, cowry shells for an extremely good price (6,50€/20 items), natural, high-quality shea butter from Ghana, beautiful batik fabrics in various sizes (including 3m x 1,25m) and goat carpets from Burundi for a very good price (size: 3,50m x 2,50m). I have nice colourful, hand-woven plastic mats of various designs, suitable for your bathroom or for camping, as well as decorative wall carpets from Africa. Handmade necklaces made of various African shells, natural materials and beautiful, valuable African beads are the highlight of my collection. Or simply choose single beads out of my collection and combine your own individual necklace.

Kumasi in Berlin is there for you. If you are looking for the ancient power of nature, Kumasi Shop is the very thing for you.


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